Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Texas is the kind of place where effective air conditioning is essential if you want to keep your home comfortable all year round. If your air conditioning unit has broken, or if you don’t think that it is working as well as it should, then you should get in contact with ASAP Cooling and Heating to arrange for a repair.

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As a locally owned and operated company which has been based in The Woodlands, TX area for the last 25 years, our technicians have developed all of the knowledge and experience required to quickly diagnose and repair any problem with your air conditioning unit. As an established business, we have developed solid and dependable supply chains with all of the major manufacturers, so we can get any new parts that we don’t already have on hand. This means that we will be able to get your air conditioning unit up and running again as soon as possible. We always carry the most common parts with us when we come out to jobs, so in the majority of cases, we will actually be able to fix your air conditioner the same day!

ASAP Cooling and Heating is a fully licensed and insured company which is authorized to practice in the state of Texas. All of our techs are skilled and knowledgeable about Texas health and safety regulations, and your safety is one of their most important concerns during each air conditioning repair. This will help to give you peace of mind about your repair.

If we discover that it would not be cost effective to repair your existing system, we will be happy to discuss air conditioning replacement costs with you. In some cases, it may be better to replace your system completely rather than continuing to repair an older model. Although we are proud to be a Rheem Pro Partner, we are able to offer a wide selection of different models which all meet Texas standards. These range from simple and affordable models, to some of the most technologically advanced air conditioning systems available. If you do need a replacement, our skilled technician will be happy to talk you through all of the options so you can find something that fits your needs perfectly.

For all air conditioning repairs in Humble, Texas, Conroe, Tomball and The Woodlands, TX, please contact with Randy and the team at ASAP Cooling and Heating.  As well as repairs, we are also able to offer sales, replacement, installation and standard maintenance for all major brands of air conditioning units.

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