Heating Maintenance

Heating Maintenance

Your heating system should keep your home at the perfect temperature with minimal effort. However; if your heating system or furnace isn’t maintained properly, it can struggle to keep your home warm. Worst case scenario, your heating could stop working altogether and you could end up being left in the cold! In order to keep your heating system running properly throughout the year, you should invest in routine heating system maintenance from a qualified heating and air conditioning company, such as ASAP Cooling and Heating, conveniently located in Spring, TX. The team at ASAP Cooling and Heating understand the importance of heating maintenance to keep every furnace and heating system running properly.


An air handler or furnace is an incredibly complex piece of machinery, if one part fails, then the system will stop working properly. Many of the components in a heating system actually have a variable lifespan and may need to be replaced regularly during the life of the system itself. Our team understands the importance of checking these components and replacing them when they are becoming worn out. This will prevent further damage to your system.

Taking proactive steps to replace vital components before they break will help to reduce the chances of the system going down when you need it the most. What is more, if we know that a part will need to be replaced soon, we can make sure that we get it in stock whilst the system is still working. We will replace it at your convenience, so you can plan the system downtime around your schedule. This will save you from having to spend any extended periods of time without working heating, which could happen if the system went out without warning.

Most heating systems also produce some form of waste products. Although these products should be safely disposed of by the system, they can create a build-up over time which reduces the efficiency of the machinery. This means that you may end up spending far more money to heat your home. If too many waste products are allowed to build up, then the machine will stop working altogether. Potential build-ups in a heating system/furnace include carbon from the combustion process and dust the filters through your system. Our maintenance technician will help to keep your system free from build-ups by cleaning the areas that you can’t get to. At ASAP Cooling and Heating, we aim to keep your system running smoothly and keep your heating costs low through routine maintenance.

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Our technicians work quickly and safely so that your routine maintenance appointment will cause minimal levels of disruption. We will try to fit your appointment around your schedule wherever possible. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out HVAC work in the state of Texas. With over 25 years of working on heating and cooling systems, we are qualified to work with all systems that are used across the state. If you are unsure whether we will be able to work on your system, please give us a call so that we can discuss your needs.

At ASAP Cooling and Heating, we are able to offer a range of different payment options for our heating/furnace maintenance services. We take cash, checks and all major payment cards if you wish to make an immediate payment, but we also offer financing with No interest if paid in Full. Speak to our sales staff to find out what options might be available to you.

If you are in need of heating/furnace maintenance, please get in touch with ASAP Cooling and Heating at 281-364-7650. We are proud to serve homes in Tomball, Conroe, Magnolia, Spring, The Woodlands and the surrounding area. Other services that we are able to offer include; air-conditioning and heating repairs, and the installation of HVAC systems. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

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